Research of Professor Gao Zhi

Area of Interest

Vision for intelligent systems

Visual-inertial-odometry (VIO), SLAM, Visual-laser localization, Underwater localization, Visual data enhancement

Intelligent systems based vision

Scene understanding, Object detection and localization, Visual-laser fusion, Anomaly detection, 3D reconstruction

Funded Projects

1. Remote Sensing on-orbit Real-time Diagnosis for the Earth’s Surface Anomalies
National Natural Science Foundation of China
In research. Lead. 3.7 millon RMB. 2022.01-2026.12

2. Localization and Scene Perception of Multi-agent Cooperation in Complex Environment
Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province
In research. Lead. 300,000 RMB. 2021.12-2024.12

3. Research on Visual Data Enhancement Technology under Severe Conditions Oriented by Geometric Information Extraction
Multinational companies, Horizontal Project
In research. Lead. 600,000 RMB. 2020.06-2021.12

4. Research on Object Detection Algorithm of Weakly Supervised and Few-shot Learning Based on MindSpore
Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Academic Award Fund Research Project
In research. Lead. 90,000 RMB. 2020.12-2021.11

5. Research on Visual Localization under Severe Weather Conditions
Cooperation project of International Corporation
Completed. 1/5. 1 million RMB. 2019.11-2021.01